Half full of sunshine on the road to nowhere…

When I wake up most mornings, my glass is pretty much “half-full.” I rise quickly, don my “good-mood” cap, and am off and running, figuratively, that is. I don’t let the day ahead get me down, yet, and I can usually retain my optimism for a good long while. I’m like the sun who rises up past the cloud in that Jimmy Dean sausage commerciaI, minus the sausage. I even have 2 different colored “Life is Good” T-shirts that I wear regularly to remind me of that slogan, along with the accompanying picture of a glass half-full in case I forget it sometime during the day. Sometimes I put a sweatshirt on and all is forgotten…

When I exercise in the morning, I have a good 45-60 minutes alone to ponder my day, my life, my job, and most of all, what I want to write for my next blog. When I started this project, it was mainly just to record my thoughts. To share them would require some extra work, but since I’m a daring person, I decided I was up to the task no matter what the repercussions. What I’ve taken from this 3-month experiment, is that I’m not sure I’m cut out for this.

First of all, although, the number of post reads is good, I’ve gotten only 2 comments in 8 posts. Secondly, I realize that I care too much about whether people read my posts and I find myself checking stats much more often than I care to want to admit. Thirdly, I have discarded many more subjects and ideas than I’ve approved because they are either too negative or personally revealing, and finally, because sometimes it feels too stressful to find the alone time when probably it’s no more than 3 people who are even reading these things!

It’s not like I’m lacking for ideas. In fact, I’ve got more ideas than I can write, but for some reason, feedback is important to me- even if it’s negative.

So, I’ve come up with an idea for a new system that I hope Facebook and WordPress will consider…it’s a quick rating system that’s anonymous. At the bottom of each post, entry, picture, etc. would be a pull-down menu with lots of different choices for responses to things. Instead of having a very limiting response such as “like” or “dislike,” there would be:

Got me in the beginning but lost me later
Stop writing, you suck!
Keep your day job!
You have potential, but no common thread in your writing.
Somewhat entertaining, but doubtful that I’ll read again.
Yes! I can identify, keep the stories coming!
Wow, that was great!
You had me LMAO!
Great post!

Do you think you could check one of those? Because they would have the option of being anonymous if you didn’t want your friends to know and, you would also have the opportunity to compose your own response, but keep in mind, all responses on WordPress, where my blog sits, are read and approved only by me anyway, so any nasty stuff wouldn’t be seen unless I wanted it so.

Here’s your chance, let me know what you think, and be honest, because I can just start writing in a journal, really!


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