First of all, let me say one thing right off the bat-I’m not a writer. I am a Gemini, which means that all of my life, when I’ve read about Gemini or had astrological readings, I’ve been told that being in the planet Mercury (and I’m a TRIPLE Gemini to boot!), means that I have the mercurial qualities of a writer. I am not that. I am, however, someone who has a lot to say!

Since I was a young kid, I’ve always been a jock. When I was growing up, girls couldn’t play little league and there wasn’t much else for kids besides dance. My neighbor friends, my sisters and I kept busy climbing trees, playing softball, riding our bikes, swimming, and ice-skating in the winter. But by the time I arrived in High School, Title 9 had been enacted and I was welcomed to a whole new world of team sports! I had a wonderful 4 years of field hockey, basketball, track during the school year, supplemented by softball during the summers. I went on to play 2 years of college basketball as well, before my knees gave out.

My main goal since college has always been to stay active, which I have done religiously, rarely missing a day of exercise. Today, as I was power-walking, my mind wandered as my legs pumped to the disco music in my headphones and I found myself doing what I seem to do every day I walk-composing a blog in my head. Today was the day I finally said, “enough with the virtual creativeness! Put it down on paper!” So that’s what I did.

I have a partner/wife of 17 years and 5 kids – 4 girls and one boy. In an effort to protect them from embarrassment, I may just refer to them as big or little or in the middle, and of course, the boy! I will also call my lawfully wedded wife in the state of MA, “Wife”, “partner,” or sometimes even another name if I’m in a grouchy mood. One never knows.

I hope you enjoy my dry humor, and please feel free to leave comments. I am also happy to take suggestions if you want to hear my personal rants or musings on a chosen subject.

Thanks for reading!


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